Would you eat pineapple with... eggs?

By Shay Spence
May 03, 2017

David Beckham is a master behind the stove, but his go-to comfort meal may leave you with questionable feelings.

When the former soccer star celebrated his 42nd birthday on Tuesday (with his adorable family in tow), he rightfully got to choose his own dinner. What resulted was a plate of many different foods that, while mostly delicious in their own right, seem a little strange when stacked on top of each other.

“Dinner of choice,” Beckham captioned the photo of his dish on his Instagram story. As Business Insider points out, the plate consisted of a combination of gammon, a fried egg, coleslaw, pineapple rings, mushy peas, baked beans and potato wedges.

Again, no offense to any of these foods individually (except maybe mushy peas), it’s just that we prefer them apart. It would be like if you took a Real Housewife from each franchise and sent them on vacation together without accounting for regional cultural differences. (That is actually a terrible example because it’s an amazing idea.)

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But, hey, who’s to judge a man on his birthday? Besides, the rest of his culinary decisions were unquestionably on point: nice wine, nice whiskey, and a chocolate cake garnished with gold.

Beckham’s wife, Victoria, and their four children, showered him with social media affection on his big day. “A lot of Love for Daddy today,” he captioned a family photo.

This story originally appeared on People.com.