Is there any scenario in which lobster wouldn’t be a welcome addition? We’ve seen it unadorned with a side of butter, thrown into a Korean kimchi stew, and of course heaped into a soft hot dog bun. Chef Shea Gallante even likes to replace the lettuce on his BLT with sweet chunks of this meat. "When you add lobster to a sandwich, there's no way it won't be great," he says. We agree! Whether you’re craving a classic New England recipe or looking for something extra creative, Food & Wine’s guide will help you master cooking (and eating) lobster all year long.

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Maine-Style Lobster Rolls

Mary-Frances Heck refers to these lobster rolls as “knuckle sandwiches” because they showcase the knuckles—the segments that connect the claws to the carapace—which are the sweetest, most tender meat on a lobster. Dressed simply with mayo, the cold salad sits in a hot, buttered bun. Her tip for tackling the admittedly tedious work of cracking the shells? Do it with a friend and a cold beer.
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Lobster-Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

Delicate zucchini blossoms are made for filling and frying. We’re giving this classic Italian appetizer a decadent spin with a lobster-and-mascarpone filling, though feel free to use lump crabmeat, cooked shrimp, or diced zucchini in place of the lobster. Slideshow: More Lobster Recipes
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Lobster Gnudi

This elegant lobster gnudi dish from chef Scott Conant’s New York City restaurant, Fusco, gets a springy spin with bright green peas and ramp leaves. If you have fresh fava beans, those would also be great tossed into this dish. Slideshow: More Lobster Recipes
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Langoustines alla Busara

Venice-based blogger Skye McAlpine loves the delicate flavor of langoustines, but to her the real magic of the dish is the superflavorful tomato sauce in which they simmer. Be sure to have plenty of crusty bread on hand to soak up the sauce. Slideshow: More Seafood Recipes
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Lobster with Fried Bread, Spinach and Tangy Pomegranate

Key to this excellent dish is the lobster oil; Swedish chef Petter Nilsson makes it with the lobster shells, then uses it to fry the bread and sauté the lobster meat. Slideshow: More Lobster Recipes
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Grilled Lobsters with Miso-Chile Butter

Grilling lobsters at home, like F&W’s Gail Simmons does, is reasy if you have your fishmonger clean and halve the lobsters for you. This lobster recipe only calls for four simple steps, and is ready in less than an hour. Slideshow: More Lobster Recipes
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Lobster Salad Sandwiches on Brioche

Chef Anne Quatrano makes this delicious twist on a lobster roll with a handful of ingredients. Between the two major styles of lobster rolls—served warm with butter or cold mixed with mayonnaise—she advocates for the creamy mayo version. She also butters the rolls generously before toasting. Slideshow: More Lobster Recipes
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Lobster with Nutmeg Vinaigrette and Chestnut Puree

The seasonal flavors of nutmeg and chestnut are delicious paired with simple steamed lobster served in its shell. Plus: More Seafood Recipes and Tips
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