The challenge took place at the Mad Mex restaurant chain.  

By Elisabeth Sherman
May 17, 2017
Jeff Greenberg / Contributor / Getty Images

Competitive eater Nela Zisser, of New Zealand, took on a more than 2 pound burrito with remarkable zeal earlier this week, managing to scarf down the entire thing in just 95 seconds.

Zisser — still a university student — is a regular on the competitive eating circuit; this particular burrito-eating contest was part of the 2017 burrito challenge at Mad Mex, an Australia-based food chain.

In a video posted to her Youtube channel, Zisser, armed with just a few glasses of water, resolutely stares down the enormous burrito – it’s so big she actually struggles to get a steady grip on it. Her vigor as she chomps into her meal, hardly pausing to look into the camera, is especially spellbinding. One might be reminded of a hungry shark watching Zisser at work.

When the last of the burrito disappears into her mouth, she comes up for air, elated to find out how fast she finished eating.   

Zisser also fearlessly devoured an entire chocolate bunny in seven minutes last Easter, once ate 45 burgers in two hours, and on another occasion, inhaled 22 Big Macs in just one hour. The girl is fast.

Does Zisser enjoy her meals or does she merely see food as an object to conquer? Either way, we’re impressed.