By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© iStockphoto

Thanks to rowdy soccer fans living up to their hooligan stereotype, the beer situation for those watching the UEFA Euro 2016 in person in France has become pretty precarious. But meanwhile, for Austrians following Europe’s biggest international soccer tournament from the comfort of their own home, things couldn’t be grander. Not only can they drink all the beer they want, McDonald’s is even offering to give it to them for free.

In an effort to bring a “stadium atmosphere to your own living room” for “fans who can’t be in France right now,” McDonald’s Austria has partnered with the Ottakringer Brewery and delivery service to offer a free six-pack of beer to any customer who orders at least 20 euros worth of food from the chain, according to Kronen Zeitung. McDonalds that sell beer and deliver? Austrians really are living large.


Unfortunately, though the Krone doesn’t specify exactly which type of Ottakringer beer McDonald’s is handing out, the freebie is most likely their Ottakringer Helles, a brew that has been absolutely panned by sites like RateBeer whose community has given it an abysmal 12 out of 100 rating. I guess you could call it “the McDonald’s of beer.”

[h/t Eater]