By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
© Chris Hondros/GettyImages

Seems like every time we pick up a newspaper (or whatever the 2016 equivalent of that is) the world proves it can one up itself in crazy. But finally, some sense of order has been restored. At least as it pertains to our iced coffee. A California man named Alexander Forouzesh recently sued Starbucks over the preparation of its iced beverages…for filling too much space with ice. Starbucks advertised a venti iced coffee for example, as a 24 ounce drink. But, said the lawsuit, the drink never contained close to 24 ounces of liquid thanks all the ice. The most charitable reading of the suit is that there is no problem with Starbucks putting ice in its iced coffee, but it needs to tell customers how much liquid and how much ice are in a drink respectively.

Judge Percy Anderson didn’t buy that though. He dressed down Forouzesh over what he seemed to believe was a rather silly case, saying in part, “if children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive, a reasonable consumer would not be deceived [by the advertised sizes].”


While we very much like that Judge Anderson smacked down the plaintiff in this case by comparing him to a stupid child, this may not be the end of Starbucks’ iced coffee legal troubles just yet. The coffee giant is facing another suit in Illinois for the same sort of ice fraud claimed in California. The judge in that case hasn’t rendered any decision yet. The defendant in that case, Stacy Pincus, is suing for five million dollars and attempting to create a class, which would allow anyone who has purchased an iced drink from Starbucks in the last decade to be part of the suit. We’ll have to wait and see if judges in Illinois can be as snarky as judges in California.

[h/t Grubstreet]