By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Chloe Johnson / Alamy Stock Photo

Quick: How many calories are in a serving of Johnnie Walker whiskey? If you answered, “OMFG, I don’t even want to know,” your nights of hard drinking are set for an awakening ruder than the one you get when your morning alarm goes off.  International spirits giant Diageo recently announced it has chosen Johnnie Walker as the first of its brands to list nutritional information on its bottles around the globe.

According to Forbes, the unique new label that will focus on information like ABV, serving size, calories and sugar, as well as allergens and other brand facts, will first appear on about 30 million bottles of Johnnie Walker Red sold in dozens of markets around the world by the end of the year, before eventually making it to all 115 million bottles the brand produces annually, as well as the rest of the company’s boozy portfolio. For beer drinkers, long-standing brands Guinness and Smithwick’s will be the first brews to see the new labeling.

In the US last year, Crown Royal, another Diageo-owned whiskey, became the first alcohol brand to use the recently approved “Serving Facts” labeling, modeled after the US’s already existing “Nutrition Facts” labels. But Johnnie Walker will be the first brand to take a similar, though not identical, style of informative labeling worldwide.


“We believe people should have the best possible information to make informed choices about what they drink: this includes alcohol content and nutritional information per typical serve,” Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive of Diageo was quoted as saying. “Johnnie Walker is one of our largest global brands, which means these new labels will arm millions of people around the world with clear information about what’s in their glass and in a way they can understand at a glance.” Though knowing how people get when they’re drinking, Diageo might be better off listing the information in a way people can understand during a long hazy stare.

Oh, and for the record, a 1.5-ounce serving of Johnnie Walker Red has around 100 calories – not that you were counting. At least before now.