By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Grant Faint / Getty Images

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the boring two months between the NBA playoffs and the start of the NFL season. Sports fans might be interested though—it’s time to talk cheap beer. Travel site GoEuro just released its annual Beer Price Index, ranking which cities around the world feature the cheapest prices to grab a brew.

Last year, Krakow, Poland, topped the cheap list, with GoEuro setting the “overall average price” of a beer – calculated by looking at prices in supermarket and hotel bars – at $1.66. This year, penny pinchers have a new destination to get excited about: If you head to Slovakia, you can find the cheapest beers in the world for a penny less than you did in 2015. Bratislava is 2016’s cheapest beer city, with the index price of a 330 ml brew landing at a mere $1.65. Rounding out the top four cheapest cities were Kiev, Cape Town and Krakow, the only four cities on the list where the average came in at under $2. If you’re looking for something closer to home, Mexico City came in fifth, with an average price of $2.13.

So where will grabbing some suds slam your budget? Of the 70 cities GoEuro looked at, Lausanne, Switzerland, would set you back the most: The city had an average of $9.51. It makes the other most expensive cities look downright cheap: Hong Kong came in second ($6.22), followed by Singapore ($5.75), Zurich ($5.69) and Oslo ($5.57). New York was the 9th most expensive city with an index price of $5.36. Los Angeles was the cheapest of the six American cities on the list with an index price of $3.64.

Of course, keep in mind, all these prices were calculated using GoEuro’s own methodology, which combines a mix of different brands and sale locations, so it’s more about where the cities fall in general expensiveness than an actual price guide. If you get off the plane at LAX, you’re unlikely to hit up a local beer shop and find a 12-ounce Budweiser selling for $3.64. But let’s be honest, if you’re the kind of person who wants to nitpick a list like this that much, you’re probably not the kind of person most people would want to share a beer with anyway.

Top 10 Cheapest Cities For A Beer

1. Bratislava, Slovakia - $1.65
2. Kiev, Ukraine - $1.66
3. Cape Town, South Africa - $1.87
4. Krakow, Poland – $1.87
5. Mexico City, Mexic – 2.13
6. Belgrade, Serbia 2.19
7. Cairo, Egypt - $2.39
8. Warsaw, Poland - $2.45
9. Ljubljana, Slovenia - $2.45
10. Budapest, Hungary - $2.47

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities For A Beer

1. Lausanne, Switzerland - $9.51
2. Hong Kong – $6.22
3. Singapore - $5.75
4. Zurich, Switzerland - $5.69
5. Oslo, Norway - $5.57
6. Tokyo, Japan – $5.48
7. Paris, France – $5.41
8. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - $5.36
9. New York, USA - $5.36
10. Tel Aviv, Israel - $5.26