By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Chronicle / Alamy

As America has seen a proliferation of Double IPAs, Barrel-Aged Stouts and Berliner Weisses, we’ve also seen increasing numbers of devotees of these and other high-minded brews: people referred to not-so-affectionately as beer snobs. But a new poll suggests that it may not only be a love of craft beer that leads this subsection of drinkers to snobbery—they may think they’re better than average Joe six-packs for all sorts of other reasons as well.

The Harris Poll recently released the results of a survey asking participants about their drinking and other habits, specifically those related to health. It found that craft beer drinkers were more likely than “average drinkers” (defined as respondents “who drink any alcohol at least a few times per year”) to consider themselves to be health conscious. Craft beer drinkers were also more likely than the average drinker to say they only drink on the weekends and claimed to drink less overall, as well as to say they view alcohol as “an indulgence or special treat.” Though that last one is probably obvious: If you’re more of a Keystone Light drinker, you probably don’t see it as much of a special treat.

But craft beer drinkers’ high regard for themselves didn’t stop there. They also claimed to exercise several times per week, leaned towards locally-produced food and beverages, read nutrition labels, counted calories and had confidence that they know the calories in what they are drinking. I’m also assuming craft beer drinkers are more likely to volunteer to help feed orphaned dolphins, but unfortunately The Harris Poll didn’t provide any statistics to verify this hunch.


Of course, the online survey, which included 1,384 average drinkers and 405 monthly craft brew drinkers, was compiled entirely from self-reported answers. This kind of methodology means that, yes, maybe craft beer drinkers really are healthier than the average boozehound. But it could also mean they’re just snobbier in general. As a craft beer drinker myself, I don’t know if I trust those people over at The Harris Poll. I bet they drink Beck’s. That stuff isn’t even imported!

[h/t First We Feast]