Achieving perfect, flaky, buttery layers that are so representative of croissants can seem like an impossible task if you don’t bake often. But the trick to a great croissant lies in a carefully calculated process of folding dough with a layer of cold butter repeatedly back onto itself. If you can fold a simple letter into thirds, then you can likely make a great croissant. Food & Wine’s guide takes you through the steps one by one to make sure you master the skill. Now you can have fresh, homemade croissants every weekend. 

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Almond Crescents

Dorie Greenspan’s Eastern European–inspired cookies, sometimes called kipfel, have the perfect buttery crumb and a nutty bite from almond flour. For the holidays, we dust them with confectioners’ sugar, but they are also great dusted with granulated sugar and eaten year-round.  Slideshow: More Almond Recipes
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High-fat, European-style butter is the key to these high-rising and delicious croissants. Slideshow: How to Make Croissants
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