Beans & Legumes

According to chef Dan Barber, "Everyone should be eating more beans.” They also help create nutrient-rich soil by storing nitrogen in their roots. "Peas and peanuts perform this neat trick as well," he adds. And if the environmental impact isn’t enough to sway you, beans and legumes are downright delicious, too. F&W’s guide gives you tips for preparing all the different varieties, from canned to dry, and offers plenty of enticing recipes.

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This Man Will Get You So Amped Up About Beans

With his idiosyncratic newsletter, Rancho Gordo's owner/hypeman Steve Sando makes a box of beans feel like a treasure chest full of tiny gems—and a respite from the headlines.
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Charred Chili-Lime Beans

Beans and peas rarely find their way to the grill—the small, slippery pods would fall right through the grill grates, and they would cook unevenly inside a grill basket. Enter the plancha: This flat metal griddle gives pea pods a hint of char that matches their natural sweetness and starchiness. Just toss them on, give them a stir, and pull them off a couple minutes later. Slideshow: More Bean Recipes
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Prince George Is Making Everyone Want These Lentils

Le Puy green lentils are flying off UK shelves after word of the royal's school lunch got out.
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More Beans + Legumes

Best Alfalfa Sprout Recipes

When alfalfa seeds get sprouted, they become a super healthy ingredient that adds crunchy flavor to salads and sandwiches. Sprouts are low in calories and dense in nutrients such as vitamin K and C, fiber and calcium. Here, our best recipes featuring alfalfa sprouts.
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Cannellini Bean Recipes

Popular in Tuscan and Italian cuisine, you’ll find kidney beans prominently featured in an array of soups and salads, including minestrone and Cannellini-and-Green Bean Salad. The bean packs healthy benefits as well – they are high in protein and fiber and low in fat!
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Black Bean Salad Recipes

Black beans are a great way to add protein, flavor and texture to all kinds of salads. We love to add it to grain salads, like quinoa and rice, and mix it with veggies like corn, peppers and scallions. Black bean salads make great side dishes, and are also satisfying enough for a vegetarian main course. Bulk a basic black bean salad up with roasted squash, and add a bright, flavorful vinaigrette to punch up the flavor. Whether you're looking for a Latin-inspired side or a meatless Monday dish, these black bean salad recipes don't disappoint.