From spider web cupcakes to ghostly lemon cake pops, plus spooky-sounding cocktails like Dark and Stormy Death Punch, here are dozens of fun and easy party recipes for Halloween.

By Food & Wine
April 04, 2013
© David Malosh

Halloween Dessert Recipes

In our opinion, when you have double the batter, you have double the fun. With rich chocolate swirls adorning the vibrant orange layer of pumpkin, this festive, velvety cheesecake brings out the black and orange color theme Halloween is best known for. Plus, who can honestly resist a brownie crust?

© William Meppem

Combining several favorites into one, this pumpkin cheesecake with a brownie crust appeals to our want-it-all urges.

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Halloween Party Menu: F&W's Fright Night Feast

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When they're covered with white chocolate, these lemony cake pops look like ghosts. Make their faces with an edible decorating pen or dots of black frosting.

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Halloween Party Recipes: Halloween Cocktails

At New York City's Death & Co, one of the first places in the country to offer old-fashioned punch-bowl service, Phil Ward cools his Kill Devil Punch with a block of raspberry ice that releases berries into the bowl as it melts.

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Halloween Party Recipes: Orange-and-Black Foods

Michelle Bernstein makes a silky version of black bean soup by adding cream to the beans, then blending them until frothy.

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Halloween Party Recipes: Halloween Candy Remixes

Poor Heath bars don’t get the attention they deserve. But the chocolate toffee candy bars have a home as the crunchy shell of these ice cream cookie bars.

The best part of these incredible ice cream sandwiches: dipping the bars into crushed chocolate toffee candy to form a supercrunchy shell.

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Halloween Party Recipes: "Devil Foods"

Salvatore Denaro's luscious pollo alla diavola ("devil's-style chicken") is intensely seasoned.

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Halloween Party Recipes: Savory Pumpkin Recipes

"This pasta," Mario Batali says, "always propels me into fall." You can substitute pumpkin or hubbard squash—whichever looks more beautiful at your market—for the butternut.

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The World's Scariest Foods

A palm-sized species of black tarantula known as "a-ping" is a well-known culinary specialty of Skuon, a small Cambodian village north of Phnom Penh.

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Dress Like a Chef

Scrounging for a last-minute Halloween costume? Get inspiration from some of Food & Wine's favorite chefs.